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    TKY Quick Release Hard Saddlebags for Honda VTX 1300/ 1800 R/S/T/N
      TKY Quick Release Hard Saddlebags for Honda VTX 1300/ 1800 R/S/T/N
      Purchase TKY Quick Release Hard Saddlebags for Honda VTX 1300/ 1800 R/S/T/N

      TKY Quick Release Hard Saddlebags for Honda VTX 1300/ 1800 R/S/T/N


      Shipping: $119.00

      TKY Fairings and Saddlebags are custom made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks to ship

      TKY's Quick Release Hard Saddlebags, 40 Liters each are made specifically for Honda VTX1300/ 1800 R/S/T/N.

      The TKY Quick Release Hard Saddlebags bring you the style and comfort of a high-grade motorcycle hard bag, but with the convenience and ease of a quick detachable mounting system.  The saddlebags are made to your choosing of either a high quality ABS plastic, or hand-laid fiberglass. They are mounted with newly designed TKY quick release brackets, allowing you to easily detach the bags within a matter of seconds, and because of the bag design, you won't need to relocate the stock rear turn signals like many other hard bags will require you to do. Each saddle bag contains 40 liters of storage capacity, and the interior of the bag is carpet lined to help protect your valuable items from scratching and bouncing around within the saddlebags.

      TKY's Quick Release Mounting System: The mounting brackets are made of very strong, thick, quality stainless steel. Serving as the main element in the mounting system, the TKY brackets are nearly impossible to bend in normal use, made to bring life-long durability and no vibration even when picking up high speeds. With our mounting brackets, you may attach and detach your set of hard bags in just a matter of seconds. The hard bags include pre-drilled mounting holes for ease of initial installation and they are designed to stick very close to your fender. All mounting brackets, bolts, and metal washers are made of quality stainless steel featuring a durable, strong, and reliable construction. For more information about Quick Release Mounting System please see installation directions below.

      Options of finishes for the Quick Release Hard Saddlebags are:

      • ABS version: Ready To Paint
      • ABS version: Gloss Black Painted
      • Fiberglass version: Ready To Paint
      • Fiberglass version: Gloss Black Painted

      Differences between ABS and Fiberglass versions:
      • ABS version: Super thick industrial grade ABS material. The bottom is 3/8" thick, the lid is 5/32" thick  
      • Guaranteed to be as strong as the fiberglass version
      • Fiberglass version: Installation face is 6mm thick, other faces is 4mm thick.
      • ABS version: Smooth interior/exterior finish. Carpet lining is used within the bottom of the interior of the bag
      • Fiberglass version: Smooth exterior finish. Carpet lining is used within the entire interior of the bag
      • Hand-laid Fiber Glass or ABS Plastic construction
      • Quick Detachable Stainless Steel Mounting System
      • Lockable, Chrome Plated Latches
      • Front Hinges
      • Carpet Lined Interior
      • Close Fitment To Motorcycle Fender
      • Double Seals for Weather Proof
      • Fits With Stock Turn Signals
      • Fitment with Honda Line Backrest (mounted on two rear fender strut holes on a side, for use with Honda line backrests which are attached to the fender struts, longer mounting bolts are needed.)
      • TKY Quick Release Hard Saddlebags, 40 Liters Each (2)
      • TKY Quick Release Mounting System
      Dimensions of Saddlebag: Bottom Length: 25inch, Width: 12inch and 10.5inch, Height: 14inch
      • Bottom Length: 25"
      • Width: 12" and 10.5"
      • Height: 14"

      ABS version: VTX Hardbags for:

      • VTX 1300 R/S/T
      • VTX 1800 R/S/T with aftermarket pipes (lower than stock pipes)
      • Hardbag shown with Aftermarket Exhaust pipe(lower than stock pipes)

      ABS version: VTX Hardbags for:

      • VTX 1800 R/S/T with stock pipes
      • Hardbag shown with Stock Exhaust pipe

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