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    Reckless Motorcycles XE Storage Batwing Fairing
      Reckless Motorcycles XE Storage Batwing Fairing
      Purchase Reckless Motorcycles XE Storage Batwing Fairing

      SKU: RKL-XEF
      MPN: XEF
      Reckless Motorcycles XE Storage Batwing Fairing


      Shipping: $49.00

      Custom Made for you. Ships in 4-6 weeks
      The Reckless Motorcycles's XE Batwing Fairing, a storage fairing with no electronics.  An open glove compartment with a stainless steel holding plate is installed with no stereo system.  The body of the fairing boasts a strong hand laid fiberglass contruction with a complete mounting kit.  A great fairing for riders seeking additional wind protection and added style. 

      • Hand Laid Fiberglass Batwing Fairing
      • Fairing Arrives in Black Gelcoat 
      • Mounting Hardware Included
      • Acrylic Windshield: Clear/Tinted (5"/ 10")
      • Wind and Weather Protection
      • Double Rubber Sealed Edges
      • Lower Noise and Wind Buffeting
      • Detachable Outer and Inner Fairing
      • Excellent Quality Hand Laid Fiberglass
      • 5 Year Warranty on Fairing
      • Fully Assembled with Mounting Instructions
      • Made in the USA 

      Includes Your Choice of Front Fairing Look

      • Smooth Front Look
      • Vented Front Look (Cosmetic Purposes Only)

      Additional Accessories
      • Smooth/Vented Front Look
      • Windshield Trim
      • Storage Pouch
      • Fixed/Adjustable Wind Deflectors
      • Smartphone Holder


      The fairing windshield will serve as additional protection against the wind and prevent wind buffeting from affecting a riders head. 

      2 fairings shown with different size of windshields; 5inch and 10 inch with Chrome slotted Trim

      Windshields are offered in a clear or tinted finish in 5" or 10". The average rider will look over the 5" windshield, and through the 10" windshield. Various windshield sizes can be used on the fairing by easily removing the windshield from the fairing and replacing it with a new windshield. Windshields can be ordered separately to ensure the possibility of having any size or color. Taller windshields will provide riders with more protection from the wind, while shorter windshields provide a more sleek look to the motorcycle.

      Fairing Front Look

      The front of the batwing fairing is offered in two designs, the traditional smooth front look, or the simulated vent front look. Neither style will alter the performance of the fairing as they are only cosmetic additions. The smooth front look gives the appearance of a more classic fairing, while the simulated vent gives a more contemporary style seen less frequently. Please note that the vented front look is only cosmetic and does not provide a functioning air vent.

      Fairing Front Look showing difference between Smooth look and Vented look

      Windshield Trim
      The windshield trim is an additional accessory offered for the batwing fairings which is meant to serve as a cosmetic addition to the front end of the fairing where the windshield insert is located. 
      difference between Windshield Trim vs No Trim Look

      Storage Tri Pouch
      The storage tri-pouch is an additional accessory meant to add additional storage to the fairing. This pouch will mount using the same bolts as the windshield.
      Storage Tri-Pouch shown unmounted
      • Adds convenient extra storage space to the inside of your batwing fairing
      • Three easily accessible individual storage pockets
      • Pockets large enough to accommodate items such as iPods, cell phones or any other gadgets you want at your fingertips
      • Constructed of PVC leather
      • Middle pocket measures 9-1/4" W x 2-3/4" H x 3" D
      • Quick and easy installation on your batwing fairing

      Wind Deflectors

      Wind deflectors are designed to protect a rider from wind buffeting and fatigue by protecting the lower half of the body with the bolt on deflectors made to integrate onto the lower half of the batwing fairing. 

      two images showing difference between Fixed wind deflectors and Adjustable wind deflectors 

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