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    MRA Varioscreen Windshield - R1150GS & Adventure
      MRA Varioscreen Windshield - R1150GS & Adventure
      Purchase MRA Varioscreen Windshield - R1150GS & Adventure

      SKU: TTLMRA-07-010-V-ATT
      MPN: 07.010.V.0
      MRA Varioscreen Windshield - R1150GS & Adventure


      • The two-piece Varioscreen can be adjusted by angle or height and features an internal wind channel to reduce turbulence.
      • Available in clear or smoke gray only.
      • Bottom of screen is printed with a black raster conforming to the shape of the underlying fairing.
      • Overall length of 19.7 inches (500 mm).

      Fish at says:
      "Seems to work really well, assuming your criteria is low noise and turbulence. If you want the wind off you too, you'll need to go to a popemobile. This is going to be a terrific summer screen...lots of air passing through...all the vents on the Arai get full air. Yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about . No more feeling like I'm in a boxing match at 90mph!"

      drholm at advrider says:
      "The turbulent air is moved to just at the very top of my helmet. There is still a lot of air coming around the sides of the screen and around the tank. At 90 mph + everything smoothed out nicely. I think it's a keeper. Better than the GIVI by quite a lot...The [windscreen] is not as thick as stock but far from flimsy. The screen adjusters have rubber/steel washers and knurled knobs. They snug it up tight. It did not vibrate at high speed. There is more flex than the stock screen but this does not seem to be a problem as far as I can tell."

      Fits: BMW R1150GS including Adventure

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