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    DMP OEM Style Dashcam for Mercedes-Benz (Dual Channel: Front / Rear)
      DMP OEM Style Dashcam for Mercedes-Benz (Dual Channel: Front / Rear)
      Purchase DMP OEM Style Dashcam for Mercedes-Benz (Dual Channel: Front / Rear)

      SKU: dmp-oem-style-dashcam-mercedes-benz
      DMP OEM Style Dashcam for Mercedes-Benz (Dual Channel: Front / Rear)


      OEM Style Dashcam

      DMP's OEM Style Dashcam for Mercedes Models

      Ensure safety, security, and peace of mind with our cutting-edge OEM Style Dashcam, designed for saftey and convinience. 

      Vehicle Compatibility:

      View our fitment chart below. It is also recommended to remove the rain sensor cover on your car and send us pictures, allowing us to verify the compatibility of our dashcam with your vehicle, even for models which may not be listed in the chart.

      Key Features:

      • 170° Ultra Wide Viewing Angle: Our dashcam captures a wide field of vision, ensuring you don't miss any crucial details on the road.
      • 14 Megapixel Clarity: Equipped with a 14-megapixel lens, our dashcam delivers crystal-clear footage, perfect for both day and night recording.
      • 24-Hour Standby and Vibrate Sensor: With a built-in G-sensor, the dashcam automatically starts recording for 30 seconds when it detects vibrations, ensuring your car's safety even while parked.
      • Full HD 1080P Recording: Enjoy high-definition recording with a 1080P Full HD lens, guaranteeing that every detail is captured with precision.
      • Dual Channel Recording: Our dual-channel system records both the front and rear views of your car, providing comprehensive protection.
      • Super Night Vision: Thanks to an advanced night vision sensor and a large aperture (F1.8), our dashcam excels in low-light conditions, capturing license plates and details even at night.
      • Loop Recording: New recordings automatically overwrite the oldest ones when the memory card is full, ensuring you never miss a moment.
      • High-Temperature Protection: The dashcam is designed to shut down when the camera temperature reaches 90°C, safeguarding it against overheating in hot conditions.
      • Super Capacitor: Our dashcam utilizes a capacitor as its power source instead of an internal battery, ensuring reliable operation in sunny and hot conditions, prolonging its lifespan.
      • 3 Color Options: Choose from three custom-designed colors that match your car's rain sensor cover: Black, Grey, or Beige.
      • Ambarella A12 AI Vision Processor: This dashcam is powered by a low-consumption CPU and 4GB of RAM, ensuring energy-efficient performance and HD video playback.

      Fitment Chart

      Fitment Chart:

      Model Chassis Codes
      A180/200 W177, W176
      GLA200/220/260 X156, H247
      CLA180/200/220/260 C117, X117
      B180/200 W246, W242
      V260 Smart C453
      C180/200/300 W205, S205
      GLC200/260/300 X253, C253
      E180/200/260/300/320 W213, S213
      R320/350/400/500 W251, X164, X166, X167
      ML/GL/GLK 320/350/400/450/500 W164, W166, X164, X166, X167, X204
      S300/320/350/400/450/500 W222, V222, X222, C217
      GLE/GLS 300/350/400/450/500 W166, X166, X167, X167
      CLS260/300/320/400 C257
      GLC43 X253, C253
      G500/G63/G35/G55 W463, W463, W463, W463
      AMG45/GLA45/CLA45/GLA260 X156, H247, C117, X117

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