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    Corbin RE-HM-18-CDS Canyon Dual Sport Seat for Royal Enfield Himalayan '18-
      Corbin RE-HM-18-CDS Canyon Dual Sport Seat for Royal Enfield Himalayan '18-
      Purchase Corbin RE-HM-18-CDS Canyon Dual Sport Seat for Royal Enfield Himalayan '18-

      SKU: CBN-RE-HM-18-CDS
      MPN: RE-HM-18-CDS
      Corbin RE-HM-18-CDS Canyon Dual Sport Seat for Royal Enfield Himalayan '18-


      Custom Made for you. Ships in 3-4 weeks
      Corbin's RE-HM-18-CDS Canyon Dual Sport Seat is made specifically for Royal Enfield Himalayan (2018-current).


      • Measurements: Rider Seating: 13" wide x 15" long x 4.5" deep
      • Passenger: 10.5" wide x 9" long
      • One-Piece Canyon Dual Sport saddle for Himalayan.
      • Works with Optional Passenger Backrest.
      • Dual Ergonomically engineered seating platforms for excellent weight distribution.
      • More square inches of body contact gives better weight distribution.
      • Passenger backrest adjusts to copilot's posture.
      • Ovalback backrest model #02-SB accepts optional Corbin glovebox to add four liters of convenient, locking storage.
      • Glovebox is perfect for small essentials like bottled water, spare gloves, GDO remotes and cell phones.
      • Corbin's one piece basepan installs easily and fits perfect to the Himalayan's chassis and tank.
      • Generously sculpted to eliminate pressure points and provide long range support.
      • Sculpted narrow in the nose to provide good ground reach.
      • Both seating platforms are neutralized to curb sliding in the saddle.
      • Includes genuine leather seating and a wide variety of styles and colors at no extra charge.
      • Saddle installs similar to stock and uses the Royal Enfield's key lock system. Brackets come premounted on the Corbin seat so it's ready to install right out of the box.

      • Corbin saddles (with very few exceptions) include Genuine Leather Seating to provide a luxurious look and feel.
      Our Canyon Dual Sport saddle design for the Himalayan converts your stock 2-piece seat into a very comfortable two-up saddle. Designed to maximize the comfort and usability of your bike while providing a custom look and longer riding range without fatigue. Corbin saddles are shaped to provide contoured support that lasts all day and will become your favorite accessory the first ride out. Naturally we offer a wide selection of customizing options for a one of a kind look.

      This seat provides platforms that offer an increased area of body contact to give excellent weight dispersion and eliminate hot spots. Neutralized to curb the tendency to slide in the saddle which will greatly reduce fatigue. The shaping of the Corbin saddle relieves centralized pressure and supports from the sides instead. We build the saddle up with our exclusive Comfort Cell foam for a firm, supportive ride that lasts. Comfort Cell will support you for years and will provide a personalized fit after break in (approx 1,500 miles).

      Accepts a removable backrest for your passenger to add more comfort and security. Corbin's backrest models install with a single screw and adjusts easily to your copilot's riding posture. We have several models of backrest available to suit your taste and the amount of support needed. Our new Ovalbac model #02-S (shown) also has backing plate options for a custom look and makes a great handhold for your passenger.

      Covered using genuine leather for a perch that breathes with your body. Our quality leather will break in along with your foam for a luxurious ride. Just make sure you care for your saddle with a quality conditioner like Corbin's Saddle Cream. On this model we've used a variety of materials for a custom yet subtle touch. Shown: Black Carbon-Fiber seating, Matte Black sides, Pigeon Grey welts, Silver stitching and Gold Corbin logo.

      As an extra added value, Corbin's Ovalbac backrest models have a custom finishing plate option included at no extra charge. We have a standard leather-look plate (shown), a Carbon-Fiber look or you can even get a finishing plate that is paintable if you want to have it matched to your bike by your favorite paint artist. Please be sure to choose your finishing plate option when ordering below.

      Looking to add a little storage real easy? Corbin's glovebox option mounts to the rear of the backrest (models #297-S and #02-SB only) to add four liters of convenient, locking storage. Perfect for all your small travel essentials like GDO remotes, water bottles and your cell phone. Lined on the inside to protect your cargo. Available in raw ABS or pre-painted gloss black.

      New Backrest Hardware CoverThis saddle cover has been updated to use our new backrest hardware cover with the sliding door as shown here. To install the backrest, just slide the cover over to the side. When the backrest is not needed, just slide it closed. It doesn't get easier than that!

      It all started with a Norton Atlas over 50 years ago Now the Corbin name is synonymous with Quality, Hand Crafted motorcycle saddles worldwide. Hand built with pride in the USA using proprietary, purpose built materials and patented manufacturing processes. Unique, cutting edge designs that provide the perfect blend of form and function.

      Over 1,400 part numbers means they offer more applications across more brands and models than any other motorcycle seat maker. Trends come and go, but quality never goes out of style.

      Corbin offers more than 70 color and texture options for your custom build motorcycle seat at no additional charge. Corbin saddles include genuine leather seating for a truly luxurious ride that will last for years to come. Build your seat any way you like from mild to wild.

      Corbin is proud to support the Championship winning team of Jared Mess and join forces with Memphis Shades to field up and comer Cole Zabala in the 2022 season.


      UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY: The design and manufacture of Corbin products is so unique that Mike Corbin himself holds more than 60 United States Patents! From the process itself to new innovations like the Corbin Glovebox, you can count on highly functional and unique products that work. Corbin products are manufactured under one or more of the following US Patents: 6,848,156 B2; 6,729,516 B2; D 489,540S; 6,655,740 B1; 6,422,648 B1; 5,544,937; 5,608,957; 4,953,911; D545,073S & 6,971,714 B1.

      FIBERTECH BASEPAN: A purpose built, hybrid material that provides a firm foundation to support the carefully designed ergonomics of the Corbin saddle. Provides a precision fit to every arc and contour of the machine and rides on rubber bumpers to protect your paint. We always design our basepans as flat as possible so bumps or odd shapes don't telegraph through the foam to your body.

      COMFORT CELL FOAM: The heart of the Corbin saddle! Our exclusive, purpose built foam material, called Comfort Cell, was created to provide a firm, resilient ride that doesn't break down. This means it will support you for long days on the road. Over time, Comfort Cell will break in to provide a personalized fit to your posture and even greater comfort

      ERGONOMIC SHAPING: A major part of the design criteria of the Corbin saddle is the Ergonomic shape. This means the saddle's foam shape is designed to emulate the curves of the human body. This provides more square inches of body contact and helps to eliminate hot spots. This shaping also neutralizes the seating platform to help curb sliding in the saddle which reduces fatigue. In a nutshell... more comfort for a longer ride!

      PATENTED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY: Always an innovator, Mike Corbin invented Integrated Molding technology which is now the process by which all Corbin saddles are made. This process allows extremely tight tolerances and creates a chemical bond between the foam and base material.

      GENUINE LEATHER: We use leather in all panels of the seat that contact your body. This provides a luxurious ride that breathes with your body. Leather will also break in along with the foam shape to support the personalized fit. Available in a wide range of textures and styles to suit your taste.

      CORBIN BACKREST SYSTEM: The first and most versatile removable backrest system available for motorcycles! Corbin's backrests provide added vertical back support and long range comfort. Supported by internal hardware for a very clean look. Backrests adjust to rider's profile for a tailored fit and install or remove easily as desired.

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