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    TKY Jumbo Saddlebags with Speakers
      TKY Jumbo Saddlebags with Speakers
      Purchase TKY Jumbo Saddlebags with Speakers

      TKY Jumbo Saddlebags with Speakers


      TKY Fairings and Saddlebags are custom made to order. Please allow 3-5 weeks to ship

      The Jumbo Speaker Hard Bags are designed to provide a safe and spacious storage for all your item carrying needs while also providing a quality addition to your sound system with 2 x 5.25” Rockford Fosgate speakers. The speakers are pre-installed into the bags ready to be integrated with an amplifier or existing motorcycle sound system. Add the perfect addition to your cruiser with the jumbo bag utility, design aesthetic, and quality sound.

      The TKY Jumbo Strong Hard bags easily fit on most Cruisers and Touring Motorcycles to give you a wide range of motorcycles which the hard bags may be paired with (refer below for a specified list.) The bags each contain 40 liters of storage capacity per bag and include all necessary mounting hardware for an easy installation. The bags come with side latches and locks to keep your items within the bag secure. A carpet lined interior is featured within the bags to protect your valuable items from scratching and bouncing inside the hard saddlebags. 


      • Fiberglass or ABS Plastic 35 Liter Jumbo Strong Bags x 2
      • Choices of Finish: 2K Primer (Ready to Paint-Grey Finish) or Gloss Black Painted
      • Optional Speaker Kit ( 2 x 5.25" Rockford Fosgate P152 Speakers)
      • Reliable Mounting System: 12mm Mirror-Polished, Corrosion-Free Stainless Steel Brackets
      • Lockable Latches with Keys (Casted Zinc Alloy, Chrome Plated)
      • Carpet Lined Interior
      • Water Resistant Rubber Seals
      • 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty
      • 2 x 5.25" Rockford Fosgate Speakers - P152 Model
      • 40W RMS Power Each Speaker
      • 2-Way Full Range Speakers
      • Pre-Installed in Bags
      • No Amp or Bluetooth/AUX included (This kit is meant for riders to intergrate with an existing audio system)

      TKY's Universal Mounting System: The mounting brackets are made of very strong, thick, quality stainless steel. Serving as the main element in the mounting system, the TKY brackets are nearly impossible to bend in normal use. Free of vibration and bringing life-long durability, with our mounting brackets, you may install your hard bags wherever you want them to be. Your hard bags will stick very close to your fender and you may install them in a very low position, even just above the pipes! All mounting brackets, bolts, and metal washers are made of quality stainless steel featuring a durable, strong, and reliable construction.

      TKY's mounting system is desgined to fit very closely to your fender when compared with the mounting systems of other leading brands.

      Different brackets will be provided for different bikes:

      Options of finishes for the hardbags are:

      • ABS version: Ready To Paint
      • ABS version: Gloss Black Painted
      • Fiberglass version: ready to paint
      • Fiberglass version: Gloss Black Painted

      Differences between the Fiberglass and ABS versions:

      • ABS version: Super thick industrial grade ABS material. The bottom is 3/8" thick and the lid is 5/32" thick. Guaranteed to be as strong as fiberglass version
      • Fiberglass version: installation face is 6mm thick, other faces are 4mm thick
      • ABS version: Smooth finishing throughout the inside and outside featuring a carpet lined interior
      • Fiberglass version: Carpet lined
      • ABS version: Precision injection molded lids
      • Front opening for both ABS and fiberglass version
      • They are the same in size and shape

      Protection for your items from bouncing inside the bags:

      • Same Hinges and Locks: Quality chrome plated front hinges and lockable latches, with keys. Hinge area is shorter at the front, more leg room for the passenger.
      • Same sealing: Water resistant with double seals
      • Same Fitment: Fits very close to motorcycle fender