Healtech Maintenance Mate: Your Solution for Motorcycle Service Light Resets

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    Healtech Maintenance Mate: Your Solution for Motorcycle Service Light Resets

    by Alexander Mitchell • March 19, 2024

    Healtech Maintenance Mate: Your Solution for Motorcycle Service Light Resets

    If you own a BMW or Triumph motorcycle manufactured in recent years, you're likely familiar with the 'service interval indicator' on the dashboard. Resetting this indicator after regular maintenance typically requires specialized equipment and can be time-consuming. The Healtech Maintenance Mate was designed for those encountering this issue. 

    What is the Maintenance Mate?

    The Maintenance Mate is a standalone service light reset tool designed specifically for BMW and Triumph motorcycles. It's a smart and affordable gadget that allows you to clear the service warning and set the interval to your desired value in just seconds. No more struggling with complicated OBD tools or making unnecessary trips to the dealership.

    maintenance mate tool photo
    Maintenance Mate

    Features and Benefits

    • Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of Triumph (2010 onwards) and BMW (2015 onwards) motorcycles which feature a service interval indicator light on the dashboard. (small wrench symbol)

    • User-Friendly: With touch pads for setting the next interval, the Maintenance Mate is easy and fun to use, supporting both Km/h and MPH meters.

    • Cost-Effective: This tool is a cost-effective option for both home servicing and professional workshops, potentially saving you money after just one use.

    • Compact and Durable: Despite its powerful functionality, the Maintenance Mate is small and tough, designed to withstand the rigors of motorcycle maintenance. It's oil and water-resistant (IP68) and built to last.

    maintenance mate tool photo
    Maintenance Mate

    How Does it Work?

    When the ignition is switched on and the next service is due, the service warning symbol appears on the dashboard. The Maintenance Mate effortlessly resets this indicator light, providing a quicker and more convenient solution than traditional OBD tools.

    Why Choose the Maintenance Mate?

    Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional mechanic, the Maintenance Mate offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. By carrying out maintenance tasks yourself and using the Maintenance Mate to reset the service light, you can save both time and money. Even dealerships can benefit from the tool's efficiency, reducing labor time for service resets.

    maintenance mate tool photo
    Maintenance Mate


    • Size: 59 x 35 x 17mm (2.3 x 1.4 x 0.7 inches)

    • Weight: 80g (2.82oz) (with wiring)

    • Warranty: Comes with a 2-year replacement warranty from the date of purchase

    Don't let service light resets be a hassle anymore. Invest in the Healtech Maintenance Mate and experience the ease and convenience of resetting your motorcycle's service light with just a touch. Order yours today and take control of your motorcycle maintenance routine!

    Three part numbers are available for different families of motorcycles.

    Please choose your part number accordingly. Healtech Maintenance Mate Fitment:

    Healtech MM-BM1:

    BMW: C400 (2018-2023), C650 GT [Euro 4 spec] (2018-2023), C650 Sport (ALL years)

    F750GS (2018-2023), F800 [Euro 4 spec] (2017-2020), F800R [Euro 4 spec] (2020), F850GS (2018-2023), F900R (2020-2023), F900XR (2020-2023)

    G310GS (2018-2023), G310R (2018-2023)

    K1600 [Euro 4 spec] (2018-2023)

    M1000R (2023), M1000RR (2021-2023), M1000RR M Competition (2023), M1000RR 50 Years M (2023),

    R nineT [Euro 4 spec] (2017-2021), R nineT [Euro 5 spec] (2021-2023),

    R1200 with LEDs [Euro 4 spec] (ALL years), R1200 ABS with LEDs [Euro 4 spec] (ALL years), R1250 GS (2019-2023), R1250 R (2019-2023), R1250 RS (2019-2023), R1250 RT (2019-2023), R 18 (2021-2023)

    S1000R [Euro 4 spec] (ALL years), S1000R [Euro 5 spec] (ALL years), S1000RR (2016-2023), S1000XR (2016-2023)

    Healtech MM-T02:

    TRIUMPH Rocket III TFC (2021-2022)

    Rocket III R (2021-2022)

    Rocket III GT (2021-2022)

    Scrambler 1200 (ALL years)
    Speed Triple [ABS] (2018-2020)

    Street Triple 765 S (VIN < 803572[ABS] (ALL years)
    Street Triple 765 R/R LRH (VIN > 982752) [ABS] (ALL years)

    Street Triple 765 R/R LRH (VIN > AX4400) [ABS] (ALL years)

    Street Triple 765 R/R LRH (VIN 806646 - 962269) [ABS] (ALL years)

    Street Triple 765 RS (VIN > 966534) [ABS] (ALL years)

    Street Triple 765 RS (VIN > AX4630) [ABS] (ALL years)

    Street Triple 765 RS (VIN 800262 - 965682) [ABS] (ALL years)

    Tiger 800 [ABS] (2018-2020)

    Tiger 850 (2021-2023)

    Tiger 900 (2020-2023)

    Tiger 1200 (2022-2023)

    Tiger Explorer (2017-2020)

    Healtech MM-T01:

    TRIUMPH Bonneville 900 (2016-2023)

    Daytona 675/R [ABS] [VIN<564947] (ALL years)

    Daytona 675/R [ABS] [VIN>564948] (ALL years)

    Moto2 765 (2020-2022), Speed 94 (ALL years)

    Speed Triple [ABS] (2011-2017)

    Speed Twin 1200 (ALL years)

    Street Triple 660 (VIN 663100 - 779207) [non-ABS] (ALL years)

    Street Triple 660 (VIN 779208 - 968958) [ABS] (ALL years)

    Street Triple 675 (VIN 560477 - 793031) [ABS] (ALL years)

    Street Triple 675 R/RX (VIN 560477 - 793031) [ABS] (ALL years)

    Thruxton 1200 (2016-2023)

    Thruxton RS (2020-2023)

    Tiger 800 [non-ABS] (2010-2014)

    Tiger 800 [ABS] (2010-2017)
    Tiger 1050 [ABS] (2013-2014)

    Tiger Sport (2013-2021)

    Tiger Explorer (2012-2016)

    Trophy /SE (2012-2020) 

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