DMP Android Screen for Mercedes-Benz: Revolutionizing Your Driving Experience

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    DMP Android Screen for Mercedes-Benz: Revolutionizing Your Driving Experience

    by Alex Mitchell • July 22, 2023

    DMP Android Screen for Mercedes-Benz: Revolutionizing Your Driving Experience

    The DMP Android Screen is a state-of-the-art infotainment system that allows Mercedes drivers to access the latest technology and features inside their vehicle. The system provides a larger than OEM display screen to enhance viewing experience and modernize the interior of Mercedes vehicles.

    DMP Mercedes Screen
    DMP Mercedes Screen

    Features of the DMP Android Screen

    Touch Screen Display

    The DMP Android Screen provides a 1920x720 responsive touch screen display that is easy to use while driving.

    Google Maps

    With seamless Google Maps integration, you can receive real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn directions, all from your vehicle.

    Smart Phone Connectivity: CarPlay and Android Auto

    Connect your smartphone to the DMP Android Screen and gain access to your music library, phone calls, and messages with seamless Bluetooth, CarPlay, and Android Auto.

    Google Play Store

    Google Play Store provides full access to thousands of apps to unlock the full potential of your infotainment system. Watch movies, play games, and more.

    Full Control of OEM Functions

    Retain full control of the OEM Mercedes Functions including volume controls, command knob, rear view camera, and OEM radio menu.

    Stay Up To Date

    Stay updated with the latest Android software provided by our team to maintain the latest features available even as your screen ages.

    Total Control

    Stay in control of your vehicle with new features including speedometers, temperature readings, and EQ controls.

    DMP Mercedes Screen
    DMP Mercedes Screen

    Installation Instructions

    Step 1: Remove the original display screen

    Detach the original screen from the car's console using the appropriate torx and pry tools.

    Step 2: Install the DMP Android Screen

    Connect the DMP Android Screen to the car's wiring harness and secure it into place for a plug-and-play install.

    Step 3: Power up the screen

    Start up your vehicle to test the new display.

    User Manual

    A comprehensive user manual and video guides are included with the DMP Android Screen. These manuals will guide you through the installation process and provide tips on using the system's features to their full potential.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the DMP Android Screen easy to use?

    Yes, the touch screen display is intuitive and easy to navigate while driving.

    Can I still use my phone while it is connected to the DMP Android Screen?

    Yes, through the Android Auto or Apple CarPlay integration, you can still use your phone's apps and features on the DMP Android Screen.

    What if I have an issue with the DMP Android Screen?

    Our USA based technical support team is here to assist. We provide full one-on-one video support calls to guide installations, setting configuration, and troubleshooting. One-year warranty is provided on all purchases.

    Will I still have all my cars OEM functions?

    Yes, all original Mercedes functions will remain intact and still fully accessible in addition to the new Android features.

    Original Functions
    Original Functions

    Authors Note

    "The DMP Android Command Screen has proven it's worth in my own Mercedes C350 W204 Facelift. I've taken full advantage of the new features the system has provided often playing movies for passengers during road trips, and using CarPlay on almost a daily basis. Like any new product, features will take time to fully learn and understand, but our team is here to guide you. For installation, the most difficult step was understanding how to disassemble my vehicles dash; patience is a virtue. Past that, the system has performed consistently well and provided a major upgrade to my vehicle."

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    Compatible Mercedes Models

    A-Class 2013-2018 (W176)A 160 A 180 A 200 A 220 A 250 A 45
    C-Class 2008-2014 (W204 Pre-Facelift)C250 C300 C350 C63 (W204)
    C-Class 2011-2015 (W204 Facelift)C250 C300 C350 C63 (W204 Facelift)
    C-Class/GLC 2015-Present (W205)C 250 C 300 C 400 AMG C 63 (W205)
    B-Class 2011-2019 (W246)B 160 B 180 B 200 B 220 B 250
    CLA-Class 2013-2019 (C117)CLA 180 CLA 200 CLA 220 CLA 250 CLA 45
    GLA-Class 2013-2020 (X156)GLA 180 GLA 200 GLA 220 GLA 250 GLA 45 AMG GLA 45
    CLS-Class 2010-2018 (W218/C218)CLS 220 CLS 250 CLS 350 CLS 400 CLS 500 CLS 63 AMG
    E-Class 2009-2017 (W207/C207/A207)E 200 E 250 E 300 E 350 E 400 E 500
    E-Class 2010-2016 (W212 Pre-Facelift)E 200 E 250 E 300 E 350 E 400 E 500 E 63
    E-Class 2013-2016 (W212 Facelift)E 200 E 250 E 300 E 350 E 400 E 500 E 63
    GLK-Class 2008-2015 (X204 Facelift)GLK 200 GLK 220 GLK 250 GLK 280 GLK 300 GLK 320 GLK 350
    GLK-Class 2008-2015 (X204 Pre-Facelift)GLK 200 GLK 220 GLK 250 GLK 280 GLK 300 GLK 320 GLK 350
    V-Class 2014-Present (W447)Vito 109 V 200 V 260 V 250 Vito 110 CDI Vito 111 Vito 116 Vito 119
    CLA - GLA-Class W176A 160 A 180 A 200 A 220 A 250 A 45
    G-Class W463 (2002-2012)200 GE 230 GE 300 GE G 320 G 36 AMG 500 GE G 55 AMG G 63 AMG 
    G-Class W463200 GE 230 GE 300 GE G 320 G 36 AMG 500 GE G 55 AMG G 63 AMG 
    ML GL GLE GLS Class (W166) (Air Vent Included)GLE 320 ML 350 ML 400 GLE 450 ML 500 GLE 500 ML 63 GLE 63
    R-Class 2007-2012 (W251)R 280 R 300 R 320 R 350 R 400 R 500 R 63 
    S-Class 2005-2013 (W221)S 280 / S 300 S 350 S 400 S 450 S 500 S 600 S 63 S 65 
    SLK-SLC-Class (R172)SLK 200 SLK 250 SLC 300 SLK 350 SLK 55 AMG AMG SLC 43


    The DMP Android Screen is a revolutionary infotainment system that will completely change the way you experience driving your Mercedes. With its seamless and intuitive features, you will be more connected and more in control of your vehicle than ever before. Contact us today to learn more!

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