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    TKY M109R & M90 Batwing Fairing with 6" x 9" Waterproof Speakers and Stereo
      TKY M109R & M90 Batwing Fairing with 6" x 9" Waterproof Speakers and Stereo
      Purchase TKY M109R & M90 Batwing Fairing with 6" x 9" Waterproof Speakers and Stereo

      SKU: TS-M109R
      TKY M109R & M90 Batwing Fairing with 6" x 9" Waterproof Speakers and Stereo

      $1589.00 $1,009.00

      Shipping: $119.00

      TKY Fairings and Saddlebags are custom made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks to ship

      TKY's M109R Fairing with 6" x 9" Waterproof Speakers and Stereo is designed exclusively for the M109 models and uses a unique fairing mold to match the body style and dimensions of the Suzuki M109. The fairing includes a full audio system with 2 x 6x9" speakers which feature superior audio and powerful bass. The included mounting hardware will bolt on directly to M109 models for a simple installation. Powerful audio system, uniquely molded fairing design, and an easy installation to provide your M109 model with the ultimate batwing fairing setup.  


      • Hand-Laid Fiberglass Batwing Fairing
      • Detachable Outer and Inner Fairing 
      • 200W Bluetooth Stereo - Model 888BT (Preinstalled)
      • 2 x 6x9" TKY WaterProof Speakers
      • Choice of Fairing Finish
      • Stainless Steel Mounting System
      • Direct Bolt on Mounting
      • Acrylic Windshield: Clear or Tinted 5"/ 8"
      • Radio Antenna: AM / FM Radio (Preinstalled)
      • Wiring Harness: Waterproof Connector
      • Water Resistant Cover
      • Bluetooth / Radio / USB Port 
      • Preinstalled 12v Power Plug 
      • Wind and Weather Protection
      • Double Rubber Sealed Edges
      • Excellent Quality Fiberglass
      • AUX Cable
      • 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty

      Optional Add-Ons

      • Gel Coat / Gloss Paint
      • Curvy Windshield for Improved Wind Deflection
      • 10" Windshields
      • Bluetooth Controller
      • TKY Tri-Pouch
      • Smartphone Holder
      • Windshield Trim
      • 320W - 2 Channel Double Rock Amplifier

      200W Radio (Model 888BT)

      Stereo for Fairing 200W Radio (Model 888BT)

        TKY 6" X 9" Waterproof Speakers
        • 3-Way 6x9" Waterproof Speakers
        • Powerful and Excellent sound quality
        • 150W RMS / 350W Peak power each
        • 20 oz strong Magnet each
          Single Left TKY 6inch X 9inch Waterproof Speaker
        Fairing Finish

        Ready to Paint Primer
        Fairing Ready to Paint Primer with smoked windshield

        Gloss Black Paint
        Gloss Black Painted Fairing with Windshield


        The fairing windshield will serve as additional protection against the wind and prevent wind buffeting from affecting a riders head. 

        Fairing windshields of different sizes 5Inch, 8Inch and 10Inch

        Windshields are offered in a clear or tinted finish in 5", 8", or 10". The average rider will look over the 5" windshield, be at eye level with the 8", and look through the 10" windshield. Various windshield sizes can be used on the fairing by easily removing the windshield from the fairing and replacing it with a new windshield. Windshields can be ordered separately to ensure the possibility of having any size or color. Taller windshields will provide riders with more protection from the wind, while shorter windshields provide a more sleek look to the motorcycle.

        TKY Fairing Amplifier
        Amplifier shown with dimensions: 17.5cm x 8.5cm x 3.7cm
        • 2 channels
        • SMD and 4-layer glass fiber PCB designed
        • Mini and compact size dimension
        • Three star-up modes selectable REM / DC offset / AUDIO
        • Multiple ways of protection (thermal / overcurrent / short circuit)
        • Adjustable and selectable the HP / LP, and signal as well
        • Advanced IR class D designed
        • Output power (RMS) @ 4Ω: 2x100W
        • Output power (RMS) @ 2Ω: 2x160W
        • Output power (RMS) @ 4Ω bridged: 1x320W
        • Output power (Max): 320 watt
        • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

        Optional Bluetooth Handlebar Controller with phone mount

        Bluetooth Handlebar Controller Mounted Mounted Bluetooth Handlebar Controller explaining every button's funtion unmounted Bluetooth Handlebar Controller showing an LED for Bluetooth Signal showing Remote Controller for Bluetooth Signal 

        Optional Windshield Tri-Pouch

        • Add Extra Storage to your TKY Fairing
        • Features Three Small Front Pouches and One Large Zippered Pouch
        Windshield Tri-Pouch with phonecomplete fairing shown with Tri-Pouchcomplete fairing shown with an inch tape measuring Tripouch heightTri-Pouch shown without fairing

        Optional Smartphone Holder With Fairing Mount

        The Smartphone Holder is designed to be quick and simple, just flip the lever to lock your smartphone into the secure rubber molded fingers.

        • Intuitive ball mounting system allows for a broad range of angle adjustment 
        • Fits devices from 2 1/8" to 3 1/2" wide
        phone holder with fairing

        Optional Windshield Trims

        1. Stainless Slotted Windshield Trim
        Stainless Slotted Windshield Trim
with Smoked windshield

        2. Contrast Black Slotted Windshield Trim
        Contrast Black Slotted Windshield Trim without windshield
        3. ABS Plastic Chrome Skull Windshield Trim
        ABS Plastic Chrome Skull Windshield Trim with Black windshield

        The addition of an amplifier will cause AM/FM radio signal interference on local radio stations

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