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    Sw-Motech GPS.00.646.10601.B Vibration-Damped GPS Holder for BMW F800GS Adventure (2014-)
      Sw-Motech GPS.00.646.10601.B Vibration-Damped GPS Holder for BMW F800GS Adventure (2014-)
      Purchase Sw-Motech GPS.00.646.10601.B Vibration-Damped GPS Holder for BMW F800GS Adventure (2014-)

      SKU: TTLGPS-00-646-10601-B
      MPN: GPS.00.646.10601/B
      Sw-Motech GPS.00.646.10601.B Vibration-Damped GPS Holder for BMW F800GS Adventure (2014-)


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      Sw-Motech's GPS.00.646.10601.B Vibration-Damped GPS Holder is made specifically for BMW F800GS Adventure (2014-current).

      This Sw-Motech Vibration-Damped Quick Release GPS Holder mounts to the cross bar, keeping your navigation unit within easy sight range in your cockpit so finding out where you're going is as easy as checking your fuel level. You can attach just about any cradle with an AMPS hole pattern to enable carrying of navigation units, or other electronic devices. This unit features vibration dampening, so that reading the information on your screen is easy, and you can get your eyes back on the road. The head of the GPS holder pivots for obtaining your optimum viewing point.

      Manufactured using steel so your expensive gadget stays put, and finished with a black powder coat for long lasting good looks.

      The GPS holder also includes a quick release mechanism, so you can take your device with you when moving away from your bike. No need for a GPS in your car and on your motorcycle, just grab an Sw-Motech GPS holder and transfer the same unit between vehicles.


      • Navigation / GPS quick release mount with AMPS hole pattern
      • Sturdy laser cut steel bracketry integrates perfectly with the cockpit
      • Isolates the device from engine and road vibrations
      • For 13mm or 16mm diameter crossbars
      • Durable powder coated black finish provides a factory appearance
      • Convenient quick release mounting and un-mounting with the firm press of a tab
      • Reduces risk of theft when quick release is used and device is kept on person
      • Mount pivots to for optimum viewing angle
      • Securely mounts to factory parts without modification
      • Constructed using anodized aluminum & fiber-reinforced polyamide
      • The hole pattern of the base plate fits TOMTOM Rider I/II and Garmin Zumo 500/550 & much more. As well for all RAM applications & Sw-Motech GPS-cases
      • An additional Sw-Motech GPS Adapter Kit is necessary for Garmin Zumo 340/350
      • To use GPS devices made for cars, it is advisable to fix a splash proof GPS Bag to the base plate


      • Mounting material
      • Installation instructions


      Installation Instructions

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      Garmin GPS 60 RAM-HOL-GA12U
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      Garmin GPSMAP 376C 378 & 396 RAM-HOL-GA7U
      Garmin GPSMAP 478 & 496 RAM-HOL-GA7U
      Garmin GPSMAP 60 60C 60CS 60CSx & 60Cx RAM-HOL-GA12U
      Garmin Montana 600 650 650T 680 & 680T RAM-HOL-GA46U
      Garmin nuvi 1300 1310T 1350 1350T 1370T. 1390 & 1390T RAM-HOL-GA34U
      Garmin nuvi 1440 1450 & 1490T RAM-HOL-GA35U
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      Garmin nuvi 200W 205W 250W 255W 260W 265W 265WT & 285WT RAM-HOL-GA25U
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      Garmin nuvi 2455LT 2455LMT 2475LT & 2495LMT RAM-HOL-GA34U
      Garmin nuvi 30 RAM-HOL-GA51U
      Garmin nuvi 300 310 350 360 & 370 RAM-HOL-GA21U
      Garmin nuvi 3550LM & 3590LMT RAM-HOL-GA53U
      Garmin nuvi 465T RAM-HOL-GA25U
      Garmin nuvi 50 & 50LM RAM-HOL-GA50U
      Garmin nuvi 500 510 & 550 RAM-HOL-GA32U
      Garmin nuvi 600-680 RAM-HOL-GA23U
      Garmin nuvi 710 750 755T 760 765T 770 775T 780 & 785T RAM-HOL-GA26U
      Garmin nuvi 800 850 855 860 880 & 885T RAM-HOL-GA30U
      Garmin Quest & Quest 2 RAM-HOL-GA15U
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