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    Sumo-X Retro Rear Fender - VTX1300 & VTX1800
      Sumo-X Retro Rear Fender - VTX1300 & VTX1800
      Purchase Sumo-X Retro Rear Fender - VTX1300 & VTX1800

      SKU: SUM2020-ATT
      MPN: SUM2020
      Sumo-X Retro Rear Fender - VTX1300 & VTX1800


      Shipping: $39.95

      Custom Made for you. Ships in 1-2 weeks
      • The Retro Fender is designed for the Honda VTX (R and S) models but works on any Honda VTX.
      • Sumo-X fenders install in about an hour and will give your VTX a lower, sleeker, chopper look.
      • Unlike other fender kits that don't change the profile of the bike at all, our kit drops your rear fender height about 3 to 4 inches.
      • This fender design actually lowers the bike center of gravity, making for a more stable ride.
      • Designed for 240 or 250 tires.
      • Passengers are no problem with the thickness of this construction.
      • Excellent fitment.
      • 6061 T6 billet aluminum struts included (chrome optional).
      • 3/16 to 1/4 inch thick fiberglass construction.
      • OEM colors available.
      • Easy installation.
      We also paint to match and install optional factory graphics.
      • Non-Painted (Gelcoat only, Paint it elsewhere)
      • Caliente Red (Honda Code R325) (+$147)
      • Illusion Blue AKA Chromium Purple (Honda Code P-44P) (+$196)
      • Illusion Red AKA Canion Red (Honda Code R-259P) (+$196)
      • Pearl White (Honda Code NH-452P) (+$147)
      • Pearl Yellow (Honda Code Y-130P) (+$147)
      • Silver Stream Metallic (Honda Code NH-469M) (+$147)
      • Candy Red AKA Durango Red (Honda Code R-274M) (+$147)
      • Black (Honda Code NH1Z) (+$147)
      • Bloodstone (Honda Code R-287M) (+$147)
      • Cabernet Red (Honda Code R303M) (+$147)
      • Candy Orange AKA Jupiter Orange Metallic (Honda Code YR-236M) (+$147)
      • Kelly Megenta (Honda Code RP-166M) (+$147)
      • Nova Blue (Honda Code PB-356M) (+$147)
      • Pearl Orange AKA Sunburst Orange Metallic (Honda Code YR-232M) (+$147)
      • Portland Grey (Honda Code NHA-45M) (+$147)
      • Titanium AKA Challenger Brown (Honda Code Y-181P) (+$147)
      • Uranium Green (Honda Code GY-122P) (+$196)



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