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    STM Slipper Clutches for Off-Road Motorcycles / Dirt Bikes
      STM Slipper Clutches for Off-Road Motorcycles / Dirt Bikes
      Purchase STM Slipper Clutches for Off-Road Motorcycles / Dirt Bikes

      SKU: FKT-X050-ATT
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      STM Slipper Clutches for Off-Road Motorcycles / Dirt Bikes



      The slipper clutch that started it all! STM Slipper Clutches are beautifully fabricated in anodized aluminum alloy and titanium. Selected for use by Ducati's World Superbike team, still the best choice for higher horsepower machines. These are the EXACT Same STM Clutches that are used by Ben Bostrom, Noriuki Haga, Franki Chilli, and Many other Top Road Racers World Wide.

      ALL STM Clutch is made IN HOUSE at the Italy Shop, with the highest tollerance and quality control. Each part is stamped with a Part number, and Serial number to keep quality control and records of all part made. This insures what you receive is only the best, everytime. STM Slipper Clutches are Now available for most Modern Sport Bikes.

      How Stm Slipper Clutch Work:

      After years of experience and satisfaction in the production of competition engines components, STM Slipper Clutches uses the same technology, which has been already used on dry clutches, on wet clutches, too. Result: performances get better, components lubrication increases the efficacy of the system. This system, working with steel balls and ramps, helps the pilot while turning avoiding the rear wheel to slip during an hard braking. Also if you use it on every day roads, there are some advantages: it avoids dangerous skiddings, it increases safety and protects the internal parts of the engine. It avoids extra strokes, and reduces tyre wear of the rear wheel.

      All components come from STM Slipper Clutch, is made with the most sophisticated machines. For the production STM Slipper Clutches selects the best aeronautic alloys and the best suppliers for surface treatments. Drum and hub are realized in Ergal 7075 and oxidized to last long. Also the pusher plate is in 7075, but it has a steel ring which gives a stiff support to the Diaphragm Evoluzione spring. This spring is the real heart: it is possible to chose between different kind of hardness and adapt the clutch to pilot's needs. Pusher plate kit, with the function of checking plates opening is completed by a brassbearing rest holder and a pusher spring hub in steel and nitride coating. This treatment helps steel components to last longer, increasing surface hardness. STM Slipper Clutches kit assembly uses original Friction Plates, Drive Plates and basket.

      Going faster in the corners is not just about HP, it's about smoothness and Traction. It's about the riders ability to load up the tires to their limit of grip and keeping them there, just before the point they let go. The Rider can fine tune his suspension and chassis set up to help this situation be predictable and accurate. What you do not want is the rear tire locking up in a high speed corner or coming into a slow, hard braking corner. The fastest way through a corner is smooth progressive deceleration and acceleration to prevent any wheel hop.

      Another side effect late braking, is the chance of pushing the engine through its redline and damaging the motor. The rev limiter only works by cutting the throttle. It doesn't work if the rear wheel is turning the motor over at a faster speed. That is why many newer model bikes are coming standard with "Slipper Clutches". The point at which, the clutch releases and the level of drag designed into the clutch is setup to make a real difference to the way the engine braking affects handling and the suspension set-up required as a result. You can read interviews with racers developing a new racebike, quoted as saying that "The initial set-up depends on the correct adjustment of the slipper clutch, this is most important".

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