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    Saddlemen Track-CF Style Gel Channel Solo Seat for Yamaha R1 (2009-2014)
      Saddlemen Track-CF Style Gel Channel Solo Seat for Yamaha R1 (2009-2014)
      Purchase Saddlemen Track-CF Style Gel Channel Solo Seat for Yamaha R1 (2009-2014)

      SKU: PU0810-1026
      MPN: 0810-Y105
      Saddlemen Track-CF Style Gel Channel Solo Seat for Yamaha R1 (2009-2014)


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      This Saddlemen 0810-Y105 Track-CF Style Gel Channel Solo Seat, with matching pillion cover is made specifically for Yamaha YZF-R1 (2009-2014).

      Gel Channel Features:

      • Saddlemen's revolutionary Gel Channel (GC) seats offer high quality; durable construction and styling that are as unique as it is functional.
      • The GC-seat design combines an interior comprising of progressive density foam and SaddleGel with a specialized cover that provides Sportbike riders a new level of comfort and control.
      • Gel Channel (GC) technology (patent pending) seats incorporate a split piece of SaddleGel and a channel in the base foam to relieve seating pressure on the perineal area, increase blood flow, thus keeping the rider in the saddle longer.
      • The vinyl, suede or memory foam cover holds up to hard use while providing a superb balance comfort and grip (certain models feature a rugged gripper style cover).
      • Plated steel brackets are part of the plastic or fiberglass seat pan foundation specially engineered so your Saddlemen seat matches or exceeds the original seat's fit.
      • Some models are also available in low-profile designs.
      • Designed and built in the U.S.A.

      Track-CF Features:

      • The seat's vinyl cover panels and center-strip cover have carbon fiber-look finish.
      • The TRACK-CF's styling is perfect for matching the seat to motorcycles equipped with other performance accessories.
      • More comfortable than any stock seat on the market, but there's no question it's a custom, hand built seat designed to match the characteristics of your specific motorcycle.
      • Driver's seat height mimics the original seat, but with a wider driver's rear section for comfort plus a specially shaped nose that helps the rider's feet touch the ground better at stops.
      • In most cases, the pitch of the seat's foam is revised to eliminate the rider from being forced into the fuel tank while riding.
      • Slightly bucketed in the rear section to contour to the rider's body for better control during aggressive riding.
      • Each TRACK-CF seat is supplied with a pillion cover you can install on your bike's passenger seat that matches your new front seat.
      • Easy to install, bolts to your bike just like the stock seat.
      • Even easier to keep clean, water wipes away from center GEL channel: dries in minutes.


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