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    R&G EZRG407CL Traction Pads Kawasaki ZX-10R 2011-2014
      R&G EZRG407CL Traction Pads Kawasaki ZX-10R 2011-2014
      Purchase R&G EZRG407CL Traction Pads Kawasaki ZX-10R 2011-2014

      MPN: EZRG407CL
      R&G EZRG407CL Traction Pads Kawasaki ZX-10R 2011-2014


      Ships in 6-8 Weeks. Special Order. Cannot be cancelled

      R&G Racing's EZRG407CL Tank Traction Pads are made specifically for Kawasaki ZX-10R (2011-2015).

      Bolster your maneuvering and handling ability with the R&G tank traction grips for Kawasaki ZX10R. These wicked grippy pads are crafted using a durable yet soft synthetic rubber with a specially designed texture to aid you in maintaining your seating position. Cornering and braking on your motorcycle can shake your confidence when you're sliding around on your tank. The unique texture of the self-sticking pads helps you to grab hold which, subsequently, can help you keep a better riding posture without the additional worry of ripping up your riding gear. You'll feel the difference instantly. Installation is a cinch, just peel off the backing and stick the grips to your tank. The pre-applied self-adhesive will stay put but will not damage the paint on your beast. Grab the R&G tank traction grips and gain comfort and confidence on your ride.

      Features :

      • Tailor cut pads for the Kawasaki ZX10R
      • Improved handling & braking performance
      • Protects paint from scratches and abrasions
      • Low-profile synthetic conforms to the natural tank shape
      • Hold your position easier without tearing up your gear
      • Strong adhesive backing stays put without harming the paint
      • Promotes proper riding posture, effectively reducing fatigue
      • Provides a reliable holding point for hanging off the bike through corners
      • Available in black or clear
      • Easy installation
        • Includes :

          • Left and right side tank traction grips
          • 25mm diameter stick on emblems
          • Installation instructions

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