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    R&G EZRG112BL 2 Piece Tank Traction Grips for BMW G310R (2017-)
      R&G EZRG112BL 2 Piece Tank Traction Grips for BMW G310R (2017-)
      Purchase R&G EZRG112BL 2 Piece Tank Traction Grips for BMW G310R (2017-)

      MPN: EZRG112BL
      R&G EZRG112BL 2 Piece Tank Traction Grips for BMW G310R (2017-)


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      R&G Racing's EZRG112BL 2 Piece Tank Traction Grips are made specifically for BMW G310R (2017-current).

      Enjoy an improved connection with your motorcycle that enhances handling, comfort and control using the R&G Tank Traction Grips 2 piece kit. Low-profile synthetic rubber pads feature a unique texture that keeps you from sliding around without being abrasive. These handy tank grips will keep you in place during hard braking and acceleration while also providing a reliable anchor point for your outside leg through knee down corners. The self-adhesive backing makes installation a snap without the need for modifications. This 2-piece kit also preserves the fuel tank and the front tank cover from scratches and abrasion that would otherwise dull the finish from normal everyday riding. Each pad is precision cut for a perfect fit that integrates perfectly with the bodywork. Harness the impressive performance of the mighty BMW G310R and install a set of Tank Traction Grips from R&G!

      Features :

      • Low profile synthetic rubber tank grips
      • Adds minimal thickness less than 1mm
      • Improves body position control by keeping you from slipping and sliding on glossy pant
      • Enhances control of the BMW G310R's braking and acceleration performance
      • Provides a reliable anchor point for outside leg during cornering
      • Reduces fatigue in hands, wrists and arms through improved support
      • Promotes improved posture while riding & increases comfort on extended rides
      • Precision cut pieces designed for the bodywork of the G310R
      • Strong adhesive backing stays put without damaging the finish
      • Preserves the finish from scratches and wear
      • 4 piece kit covers the fuel tank and front tank cover on both sides
      • Unique texture provides traction without being abrasive
      • Highly recommended for the track & street
      • Easy on expensive riding gear
      • Simple to install without modifications
      • Available in black or clear

      Includes :

      • 2 piece tank traction grips
      • Installation instructions

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