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    R&G CP0428 Aero Style Frame Sliders for Ducati SuperSport (2017-)
      R&G CP0428 Aero Style Frame Sliders for Ducati SuperSport (2017-)
      Purchase R&G CP0428 Aero Style Frame Sliders for Ducati SuperSport (2017-)

      MPN: CP0428BL
      R&G CP0428 Aero Style Frame Sliders for Ducati SuperSport (2017-)

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      R&G Racing's CP0428 Aero Style Frame Sliders are made specifically for Ducati SuperSport (2017-current).

      The R&G Aero style frame sliders no-cut kit provides superior protection to safeguard essential components during a fall or slide. Teardrop shaped crash bobbins are machined out of impact absorbing and abrasion resistant HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) and designed to be the first point of contact with the tarmac. These robust sliders protect the vulnerable frame, fairing and engine cases from touching down and getting "rashed-up". Specially designed de-embrittled mounting bolts are utilized for maximum protection without transferring impact forces into the motorcycle. In the event of an extreme impact (that would cause normal hardware to shear clean off) the de-embrittled bolts absorb dangerous energy and bend at the point of failure so the frame isn't compromised or left unprotected. Drilling, cutting or any other permanent modifications are not required for fitment.

      If you consider the repair or replacement cost of OEM parts frame sliders are highly recommended to keep your machine safe both on the track and the street. Available in black or white. Invest in proper protection for your SuperSport with a set of frame sliders from the preservation experts at R&G!

      Features :

      • Provides critical protection in the event of a fall or slide
      • Protects the vulnerable frame, fairings & engine cases
      • Designed as the first point of contact with the ground
      • Impact absorbing & abrasion resistant HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) sliders prevent components from touching the pavement
      • De-embrittled mounting bolts are specifically designed to bend at the point of failure instead of shearing so the slider never leaves the bike unprotected
      • Aerodynamic tear drop shaped sliders feature hidden hardware behind R&G logo plaques for a clean aesthetic
      • This No-Cut kit means there is no drilling, cutting, sanding, concrete mixing or any other permanent modification needed for proper fitment
      • Highly recommended for track day enthusiasts and street riders alike
      • This relatively small investment could save you serious cash in repairs or replacement of OEM components
      • R&G frame sliders could mean the difference between you riding home after an "incident" or waiting for a tow truck
      • R&G frame sliders are the only insurance approved crash protection on the market
      • Designed & engineered in the UK

      Includes :

      • Mounting hardware
      • Installation instructions

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