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    R&G Cotton Reel Swingarm Spools - G450X
      R&G Cotton Reel Swingarm Spools - G450X
      Purchase R&G Cotton Reel Swingarm Spools - G450X

      SKU: TTLRG-CR0025BK
      MPN: CR0025BK
      R&G Cotton Reel Swingarm Spools - G450X


      Ships in 6-8 Weeks. Special Order. Cannot be cancelled
      • Are they cotton reels or swingarm protectors? Well they are both really!
      • The cotton reel is mounted to a special adjustable bracket (included with the kit) which brings the cotton reel away from the exhaust/can area.
      • Due to the position that the cotton reel becomes set in with the bracket, these protectors give protection to the swingarm area and therefore this product has a double aspect as the bike can still be lifted with a paddock stand on the cotton reel.
      • The cotton reel can also be removed and mounted to the paddock stand mounting point to allow the bike to be lifted when the rear wheel is being removed.
      • Sold in pairs.

      Fits: BMW G450X

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