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    R&G BRG0016SS Radiator Guard for Indian FTR1200 / S (2019-)
      R&G BRG0016SS Radiator Guard for Indian FTR1200 / S (2019-)
      Purchase R&G BRG0016SS Radiator Guard for Indian FTR1200 / S (2019-)

      SKU: TTLRG-BRG0016SS
      MPN: BRG0016SS
      R&G BRG0016SS Radiator Guard for Indian FTR1200 / S (2019-)


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      R&G Racing's BRG0016SS Radiator Guard is made specifically for Indian FTR1200 / S (2019-current).

      R&G's Branded Radiator Guards have been specially designed with bike enthusiasts in mind. Each kit contains a unique design made to compliment your bike. These exciting new Branded Radiator Guards are more than just visually outstanding, their stainless steel construction allows the guard to be incredibly strong and impervious to rust. Each laser-cut guard is crafted with a specific bike series in mind, boasting a distinctive design, while still allowing maximum airflow to the radiator so that cooling isn't compromised. The guard attaches easily and quickly to the radiator, by utilizing the existing mounting bolts.


      • Provides impact protection from stones & other debris
      • Boasting a distinctive design with your bike series in mind
      • Prevents bugs & debris from getting clogged in cooling fins
      • Permits maximum airflow for efficient cooling performance
      • Reduces the risk of a puncture which can cause a dangerous oil leak & possible engine damage
      • Hard anodized for improved durability & corrosion resistance
      • Simple to mount utilizing OEM mounts without modifications
      • Stainless Steel


      • R&G branded radiator guard
      • Mounting materials
      • Installation instructions

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