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    MRA 4025066163366 NSM Spoiler Windshield for Yamaha MT-07 (2018-)
      MRA 4025066163366 NSM Spoiler Windshield for Yamaha MT-07 (2018-)
      Purchase MRA 4025066163366 NSM Spoiler Windshield for Yamaha MT-07 (2018-)

      SKU: TTLMRA-4025066163366-ATT
      MPN: 4025066163366
      MRA 4025066163366 NSM Spoiler Windshield for Yamaha MT-07 (2018-)


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      MRA's 4025066163366 NSM Spoiler Windshield is made specifically for Yamaha MT-07 (2018-current).

      Improve your aerodynamics, high speed stability and aesthetics with an MRA Spoiler Screen for your Yamaha MT-07. The MRA Spoiler Screen is a sport style windscreen that matches the overall shape of the manufacturer windscreen with a small spoiler that makes it slightly longer. What does this mean for you? The spoiler reduces drag and turbulence on the bike and in the cockpit, resulting in a much smoother ride. This spoiler screen windshield is a direct manufacturer replacement - simply remove your stock windscreen and install this one.


      • Adjustable spoiler reduces drag, turbulence and buffeting resulting in a significantly smoother ride
      • Direct bolt-on replacement for manufacturer windscreen
      • Simple and easy installation
      • Superior optical clarity with no focal points that can melt gauges.
      • Virtually unbreakable - but if it does break, it's designed to fail with blunt edges
      • Resistant to most chemicals including alcohol, cleaners, and fuel
      • Lower part of screen has black gradient to hide rear of instrument panel
      • Significantly reduced buffeting, wind noise and turbulence
      • Enhanced comfort while sitting upright & on longer rides
      • Sculpted to maximize aerodynamic performance
      • Reduces and deflects wind pressure away from your head
      • Designed and engineered in Germany
      • Developed in a wind tunnel and tested on the Autobahn
      • Constructed from PMMA thermoplastic (acrylic) that's manufactured to MRA's unique specifications - that's right, a secret formula
      • Dimensions: Height: 10.24in. (260mm), Width: 12.6in. (320mm)


      • MRA Spoiler Screen for Yamaha MT-07
      • Installation instructions

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