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    Healtech iLE-1-KIT iLogger Easy
      Healtech iLE-1-KIT iLogger Easy
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      Healtech iLE-1-KIT iLogger Easy


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      Healtech's iLE-1-KIT iLogger Easy.

      Compatible with ALL vehicles using 12V battery system, including all motorcycles, cars, ATVs/UTVs and kit cars

      Advanced telemetry and data acquisition system with racing dashboard function on your phone

      The iLogger easy represents a new generation of telemetry systems that is fundamentally different from the competition. The unit installs under the seat easily. It is very simple and convenient to set up and use with the free Android & iOS app, which acts as a customizable racing dashboard and can be also used for analysis. Should you need more inputs/outputs later, just connect the optional extension module(s) any time. New functions are added regularly via automatic app and firmware updates.

      Dashboard function: Available via any Android and iOS phones. Swappable high quality and informative dashboard skins.

      Awesome tech: Fully configurable data acquisition system. Easy to use while offering pro-level functions and customization options.

      Professional analyzer feature: Data and track analysis on phones and tablets over WiFi. Automatic racetrack mapping. Can be used even on public roads.

      The iLogger easy (iLE) is an advanced data recording and analyzer unit with a real-time data display/dashboard function. The unit itself has 5 analogue / 2 digital channels to record (optional expansion module available separately) and comes with high accuracy, high-frequency GPS antenna. This ensures that no matter where you ride on open roads or a racetrack, you will get precise location values attached to the recorded data. This can be a huge help to all the riders, aiming to improve on riding, sector and lap times regardless of riding skills and experience. The iLogger easy is suitable for professional racers and race teams too.

      Previous sessions can be easily compared in the Analyzer. Additionally, the app can compare data recorded on other iLE modules, meaning sessions from different riders are also comparable.

      The iLE is the only data acquisition and telemetry system on the market that could be configured and managed wirelessly on Android/iOS devices. Quickly and easily alter settings with a finger tap. Download recorded data instantly, directly after your riding session. Via Wi-Fi, this takes only a few seconds.

      Data acquisition
      The sensors' data is recorded to the large-capacity memory in the module. Hence a constant connection to your smart device is not necessary. The recorded data is subsequently transferred to the smart device via WiFi for analysis.
      The other physical element of the system is the high-accuracy, high-frequency GPS receiver using an external antenna. The GPS coordinates and the speed data are merged into the captured data stream, meaning that during analysis you get a complete record of the status at every stage of the circuit.

      The module can record five (5) analogue 0-5V channels (e.g. throttle position, gear position, etc.) and two RPM (pulse) signals (e.g engine speed, wheel speed, etc.). An optional expansion port is also available if you wish to capture more data sources. A configurable output is also available; for instance, the dashboard display LED is controlled via this port.

      The iLE can be used with any other HealTech products like the AR Assistant (ARA) and the QuickShifter easy (iQSE), other commonly used racing products.

      Data analyzer
      The Analyzer is integrated into the iLE app (available for both Android/iOS), so one app offers all features. The recorded data can be displayed as a graph/chart in the Analyzer, plotted against the elapsed time or the distance ridden. There's also a map view, displaying all the data accurately based on the GPS records. The app can also calculate precise lap times; a vital feature for closed-course applications.
      Previous sessions can be easily compared in the Analyzer. Additionally, the app can compare data recorded on other iLE modules, meaning sessions from different riders are also comparable. No more arguments, now there's solid proof of who was the fastest in that session/track day!

      Dashboard function
      The iLE app also offers a Dashboard function. Use your phone as a real-time display. In this case, a constant connection is required between the iLE unit and the device. You can choose from several dashboard layouts and designs that best suit your style of riding. There's a professional lap timer skin, a rev-counter-focused one and a gear indicator-focused one currently. A skin particularly designed for drag racers is in the making too!

      Extension Module:
      If you get serious in your riding/driving game, you will get to a point when the inputs of the iLE-1 aren't sufficient. The iLE-EXT1 extension module lets you connect another four (4) analogue or digital signals while providing two (2) additional configurable outputs and a power supply output to various sensors.

      The iLE-1 comes with five (5) input channels. With the EXT1 unit, you can extend the number of inputs with an additional four (4) channels. (Supports daisy-chain linking, e.g. multiple iLE-EXT1 modules can be connected after one another.) All these can be configured to capture either analogue or digital signals. The analogue inputs work in the 0-5V range, just as on the main module.

      The iLE-EXT1 module provides two (2) additional output channels. These channels can feed a switched GND rail for various operations, like controlling relays, fans, pumps, etc. Any analogue or digital input on the iLE-EXT1 module can be used as a signal source for the output condition configuration.

      Besides the additional input and output channels, the iLE-EXT1 module provides two (2) +5V power and two (2) GND connections for new sensors. You can power any extra sensors that don't get power from the main wiring harness of the vehicle.

      Kit Includes:
      • iLE module
      • GPS antenna
      • Universal wiring harness
      • Wiring harness for simple iQSE connection
      Warranty: 2-year replacement warranty from the date of purchase (invoice copy required)

      Size: 79mm x 43mm x 20mm (3.11" x 1.69" x 0.78")
      Weight: 95g (3.35oz) 

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