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    Healtech GIPro D02 Series Gear Position Indicator, Red for Ducati
      Healtech GIPro D02 Series Gear Position Indicator, Red for Ducati
      Purchase Healtech GIPro D02 Series Gear Position Indicator, Red for Ducati

      MPN: GPDS-D0XRDD02
      Healtech GIPro D02 Series Gear Position Indicator, Red for Ducati


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      Healtech's GPDS-D02 GIpro-DS Gear Position Indicator is made specifically for Ducati models listed below.

      The GIpro-DS from HealTech Electronics is a unique Gear Position Indicator. It is designed for fuel injected motorcycles equipped with Diagnostic System connector.

      While our original GIpro/ATRE is the #1 choice for riders looking for a gear position indicator with Advanced Timing Retard Elimination, the list of supported bike models is more limited than the DS Series. Due to high demand for the GIpro, we have developed the DS-Series, which is compatible with more motorcycles than the original GIpro. (Note: The GIpro/ATRE will not be discontinued as the DS-Series does not have ATRE feature). The GIpro-DS works on different principle than competitive products on the market. It reads the gear position information directly from the ECU, which makes it faster and more reliable than other gear indicators sold today.

      There's no need to cut wires, and no need to access several connectors. You need to connect ONE plug only under the seat; it can't get any easier than this. Another unique feature is the size. It is the smallest, most compact gear indicator available, while it has an extra bright, sunlight-viewable display. Just the perfect size. The unit is available with Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, or White display. (green, yellow and white are special order...2 week lead time, these colors are not as bright as Red and Blue)

      Unit dimensions : 20mm wide by 30mm tall by 15mm deep (8/10 inch by 1 1/8 inch by 5/8 inch)

      It has a simple clear front face which goes along nicely with the factory instrument cluster. The product is rugged, 100% weatherproof and comes with 2-years replacement warranty. Don't have a dash area to mount the GIPro on your bike? We also sell chrome or anodized black billet GIPro bar mount for just $59.90. Fits 7/8 to 1 inch bars.

      Fits Ducati:

      Hypermotard [ALL variants] (2010-2015)
      Hyperstrada [ALL variants] (2013-2015)
      Monster 696 [non-ABS] (ALL years)
      Monster 696 [ABS] (ALL years)
      Monster 795 [non-ABS] (ALL years)
      Monster 795 [ABS] (ALL years)
      Monster 796 [non-ABS] (ALL years)
      Monster 796 [ABS] (ALL years)
      Monster 821 (2014-2016)
      Monster 1100 [non-ABS] (ALL years)
      Monster 1100 [ABS] (ALL years)
      Monster 1100 EVO (ALL years)
      Monster 1200 (ALL years)
      Monster 1200 S (ALL years)
      Monster 1200 R (ALL years)
      Monster Diesel (2012-2013)

      NOTE: GPDS-D02 is for bikes without a powered ECU port, so there is ONE power wire to tap.

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