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    Givi AF5107 Airflow Windscreen for BMW F700GS (2013-current)
      Givi AF5107 Airflow Windscreen for BMW F700GS (2013-current)
      Purchase Givi AF5107 Airflow Windscreen for BMW F700GS (2013-current)

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      Givi AF5107 Airflow Windscreen for BMW F700GS (2013-current)

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      Givi's AF5107 Airflow Windscreen is made specifically for BMW F700GS (2013-current).

      Givi's stylish, well-constructed replacement windscreen features improved height and shape with top-notch quality. Mounts in minutes using stock fasteners. Features clear tint and precision-cut shape. Overall height is 20.8"; maximum width is 20", approximately 4.75 inches taller than the original screen. Specific sliding wind-screen, transparent, complete with fitting kit. Airflow is the most versatile Givi windshield to date.

      The adjustable spoiler allows the rider on the fly to easily and quickly make adjustments. Made of transparent polycarbonate, the adjustable spoiler is infinitely adjustable along the 4.7" (12cm) of travel. Once the desired setting has been selected a simple and secure clamp will keep it in place.

      The design of the AIRFLOW system creates an aerodynamic effect that eliminates turbulence, allowing for maximum protection from wind thus reducing rider fatigue.

      Another important feature is the ability to reduce AIRFLOW to the rider to increase driving safety while raining: the "spoiler effect" reduces and, can at times, eliminate rain from collecting on the visor and reducing vision. During the warmer days the AIRFLOW spoiler, can easily be removed allowing travel with only the lower part of the windshield as well.

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