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    Forcite MK1S Carbon Smart Helmet, Gloss Black
      Forcite MK1S Carbon Smart Helmet, Gloss Black
      Purchase Forcite MK1S Carbon Smart Helmet, Gloss Black

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      MPN: MK1S-XS-G-USA
      Forcite MK1S Carbon Smart Helmet, Gloss Black


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      Forcite's MK1S Carbon Smart Helmet, Gloss Black.

      The MK1S helmet pack comes with everything you need to start your Forcite journey, you only need to add a micro SD card. Add additional accessories to suit your style and budget.

      Smart Features Tried, Tested And Approved By You, The Riders
      Forcite's precision engineered suite of integrated smart functionality totally transforms the riding experience, allowing riders to Foresee the F U T U R E, Enhance the P R E S E N T, and Relive the P A S T

      Foresee The Future: Forcite's patented peripheral LED display delivers road alerts and navigation commands in real time, without diverting your gaze from the road ahead.
      • Inspired by F1 racing technology. Make critical decisions at speed.
      • Non-distracting peripheral display. Developed specifically for riders.
      • Tailor your own experience. Toggle alert settings from the Forcite App.
      Enhance The Present: Crisp and dynamic integrated audio fully immerses you in the ride, while your bluetooth controller keeps you in command of the smart features on the fly.
      • Crisp and Dynamic audio delivered through premium Harman Kardon speaker drivers.
      • Dual integrated microphones precision tuned to cut out wind noise, and maximise vocal clarity.
      • Stay in control of your experience while on the move with the included Bluetooth controller.
      Relive The Past: Whether you're capturing the action, recording for protection, or taking in the scenery, the integrated camera is up to the task.
      • Integration eliminates risk in an impact, and is race track approved.
      • Chin Positioning with super-wide viewing angle suits all riding styles.
      • Record in 1080p @ 60fps with excellent lowlight capability.
      Unique Anti-shock Construction:
      • The chin section of your helmet is the first point of impact in up to 35%* of collisions.
      • 100% of the electronics required to power your MK1S are contained within the ultra compact, patented chin mounted module. Not only does this allow us to achieve sleek and conventional proportions, it also ensures that there is no compromise to the shell's all important EPS layer.
      • In fact, our unique electronic integration method has enabled us to create an anti-shock feature, resulting in superior energy dispersion in the event of an impact.
      • Outer Shell Material: The MK1S Helmet shell is made from T-400 carbon fibre composite
      • Standard Liner: Sweat absorbent comfort liner with premium hex sports fabric and emergency pull tags.
      • Weight: 1500g ± 50g (XL weight approx. 1630g)
      • Visor: Quick release mechanism. Locking switch for high speed usage. Pinlock Max Vision 120 ready.
      • Certification: ECE 22.05 (DOT for US customers)
      • Ventilation: 8 vent system with optimised channel airflow
      • Premium Liner: 3D formed foam throughout cheek pads and crown liner offers a contoured fit. New neck roll design with extendable chin curtain creates tighter seal around the neck, significantly reducing noise while providing better isolation for improved Audio performance. Premium sweat wick Materials have been selected for durability, comfort and fit. This padding is ideal for the premium minded customer, and riders who experience excess highway usage.
      • Buckle: D-loop System
      • MK1S Helmet
      • Pinlock Max Vision 120 Anti-Fog insert
      • Helmet Bag
      • USBC Charging Cable
      • Instant Media Access Cable
      • Charging Adapter
      • Certificate of Authenticity
      • Operation Guide
      • Bluetooth Controller
      • Bluetooth Controller Mount Kit
      • Forcite Maintenance Tool
      Size Chart:
      size chart; from XS to XL  and head circumference from 53 cm to 61 cm

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