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    Corbin KTM-5-EXC-13-ST Dual Sport Seat for KTM 250, 300, 350, 450 & 500 XC '12-'16
      Corbin KTM-5-EXC-13-ST Dual Sport Seat for KTM 250, 300, 350, 450 & 500 XC '12-'16
      Purchase Corbin KTM-5-EXC-13-ST Dual Sport Seat for KTM 250, 300, 350, 450 & 500 XC '12-'16

      SKU: CBN-KTM-5-EXC-13-ST
      MPN: KTM-5-EXC-13-ST
      Corbin KTM-5-EXC-13-ST Dual Sport Seat for KTM 250, 300, 350, 450 & 500 XC '12-'16


      Custom Made for you. Ships in 3-4 weeks
      Corbin's KTM-5-EXC-13-ST Dual Sport Seat is made specifically for KTM 250, 300, 350, 450 & 500 XC models (2012-2016).

      • Measurements: Rider seating: 9.5" wide x 29" long
      • Approx seat height: 37.25" UN-Loaded (500 EXC measured)
      • Dual Sport Saddle for KTM XC models.
      • High density foam allows for a lower profile. Built for more square inches of body contact.
      • Dual Sport Saddle for KTM XC models.
      • Lower seat height gives an easier reach to the ground.
      • Sculpted in a dished shape to eliminate central pressure and support your body from the sides.
      • Genuine leather seating in choice of colors and styles. Shown with Carbon-Fiber seating, Asphalt sides and KTM Orange welt.
      • Provides an excellet fit to the tank and bodywork of the KTM.
      • Narrow in the nose to allow rider freedom of movement while seat gives excellent support towards the rear.
      • Installs like stock with a tongue in the front and a single bolt into the saddle from under the fender.

      • Corbin saddles (with very few exceptions) include Genuine Leather Seating to provide a luxurious look and feel.
      Our Dual Sport seat allows freedom of movement for the rider from front to back while providing significantly wider, contoured seating towards the middle and rear. This allows for aggressive riding AND comfort. As much as we hate to sound cliche'... it's Form AND Function!

      Corbin's seating platform is neutralized to curb sliding in the saddle which eliminates fatigue over the long run. Inside the saddle we use a proprietary foam material called Comfort Cell that provides a firm, resilient ride that lasts. Developed especially for Corbin and our patented manufacturing technique, Comfort Cell can be cast to the density best suited for each saddle design. This allows us to make each saddle provide just the right amount of support... too soft and you feel like you're bouncing off the basepan, too hard and you may as well be sitting on the fender.

      Casting our foam allows us to design complex shapes that conform to the contours of your body. We call this "ergonomic shaping" and it gives you more square inches of body contact for better weight dispersion. This shaping also helps to eliminate the centralized pressure created by the narrow stock seat and soft foam as it compresses. Towards the nose we keep the shape low to aid ground reach.

      On top we use only the highest grade of weather resistant materials for durability and long life. We dressed up this model with Carbon-Fiber style leather seating and asphalt vinyl side panels for contrast with a orange welt. Cover is completely hand sewn and riveted to our rigid Fibertech basepan. Naturally, custom material selection is available at no extra charge. Saddle installs like stock and rides on rubber bumpers to protect your bodywork and chassis.

      The Corbin seat mounts in the front with a tongue and a single bolt under the fender.

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