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    Low and Mean Triple Tree - Boulevard M95 & Marauder 1600
      Low and Mean Triple Tree - Boulevard M95 & Marauder 1600
      Purchase Low and Mean Triple Tree - Boulevard M95 & Marauder 1600

      SKU: LM03TR5002
      MPN: LM-03-TR5002
      Low and Mean Triple Tree - Boulevard M95 & Marauder 1600


      Custom made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks to ship
      • Pushes the front wheel out 6 inches.
      • Triple Tree comes with fork extenders, so they don't lower your M95 in the front.
      • Made from 6061 Aluminum and has a show polished finish, supplied with fork extenders, polished top bolt cap, and instructions.

      Note: Will have to buy a single bolt head light OR modify your stock headlight bracket to use a single bolt mount.

      Note: Stock brake lines are too short with the front wheel being 6 inches forward; Low and Mean does offer a single braided brake line with excellent performance.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Do these triple trees change the handling of the Road Star Warrior?
        Yes, you will notice the steering to feel heavier at low speeds 5-25 mph. Once you've had a few rides with the 7 degree Trees you will not notice anything but how Bada$$ your bike looks.
      • Can I install the Triple Trees without the fork extenders?
        We do not suggest this as it will lower the front of your bike to much and cause possible damage when riding up drive ways, or over speed bump, etc.

      • Is it possible to use my stock headlight?
        Yes, but you will need to fabricate a bracket to use a single bolt mounting.

      • Can I use my stock brake lines with the 7 degree Triple Trees?
        Yes, but the "T" mount that bolts to the bottom of the stock lower tree will not reach the new 7 degree lower tree. So, there's no hole in the bottom of the new lower tree. The stock lines need to be longer to lock and attach correctly to the front end of your ride. for Low and Mean brake lines, see related items below.

      • Do I need to change the bearing and seals in the front neck?
        This is a great time to change the bearings and seals if you have a lot of miles on your ride or if it has ever been wrecked.

      • Can I install these trees by myself?
        Yes, but it does take some garage skills and you'll need to prepare a work area so everything's in arms reach. Of course it's much easier with another hand there to help.


      Boulevard M95
      Marauder VZ1600

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