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    Low and Mean Reaper Rear Fender for Yamaha Star Raider
      Low and Mean Reaper Rear Fender for Yamaha Star Raider
      Purchase Low and Mean Reaper Rear Fender for Yamaha Star Raider

      SKU: LM04210R-ATT
      MPN: LM-04-210R
      Low and Mean Reaper Rear Fender for Yamaha Star Raider


      Shipping: $59.99

      Custom made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks to ship

      This Low and Mean LM-04-210R Reaper Rear Fender is made specifically for Yamaha Star Raider.

      • Fits the bike better than a production fender, by filling all the voids and flowing with the design of the bike.
      • Reaper Rear fender offers more strength then the stock Yamaha fender, so no problem carrying a passenger or luggage.
      • Integrated rear tail lip to reduce water/ debris spray and hold your LED lights.
      • Constructed out of high end fiberglass composites with a special LM process, makes this a high tech state of the art product that will offer the more strength and less weight to improve performance of the motorcycle.
      • Fender comes ready to bolt on, but optional drilling is available if you wish to install passenger seats.
      • Offers an optional 85 oz. (3/4 gal.) storage compartment that can hold most of your items and a bottle of water.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Does this product come ready to bolt-on?
        Yes, Unless you want to install your passenger seat you will need to drill the holes for the mounting. If you order this product painted we can drill the holes for you, just add this option during checkout.
      • How heavy of a passenger can I carry?
        We suggest not to carry more weight then you can handle, the fender is very strong and can hold more weight than you think.
      • Can I use this fender with a wide tire?
        This fender can handle any tire that will fit on to the stock rim.
      • How low can my bike go with this fender?
        This fender was designed to not touch the tire when the suspension is completely bottomed out, so air ride is no problem.
      • How will the fender look at stock ride height?
        This fender was cut to follow the rim with a 1 3/4" lowering kit.
      • Can I use this fender without the storage compartment?
        Yes, and if you want to add the storage later it's very easy.
      • What do I do about brake lights?
        We offer a few options for LED brake lights.
      • Do I have to remove my belt guard?
        Yes, the stock belt guard will not fit with the Reaper Rear fender.

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