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    Low and Mean Lowered Rear Spring for Honda Fury 1300
      Low and Mean Lowered Rear Spring for Honda Fury 1300
      Purchase Low and Mean Lowered Rear Spring for Honda Fury 1300

      SKU: LM02FSHK100
      MPN: LM-02F-SHK-100
      Low and Mean Lowered Rear Spring for Honda Fury 1300


      Shipping: $49.99

      Custom made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks to ship

      This Low and Mean LM-02F-SHK-100 Lowered Rear Spring is made specifically for Honda Fury 1300.

      • Directly replaces the stock spring.
      • Lowered spring not only improves the look of your motorcycle, but you will find the ride is smoother and more comfortable than with the stock spring.
      • Lowered spring lowers your motorcycle 1.5".
      • Regular Spring is best for solo riders that weigh less than 215 lbs.
      • XL Spring is best for riders weighing over 215 lbs or if you’re carrying passengers / luggage.
      • Comes with lowering spring, compression tool, and instructions

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Does the lowered spring offer a harder ride?
        No, you will get a softer ride, but you still have the option with your pre-load adjustment to make the ride stiffer.
      • Can I order a heaver spring than normal?
        Yes, we offer several different sizes depending on your body weight.
      • How do I tune the spring in for my riding style?
        There are two ways to adjust the performance of the rear shock, either by the pre-load adjustment knob behind the side cover or the rebound setting down at the bottom of the shock. Please watch our YouTube video to learn about these settings.
      • How much will this spring lower the bike?
        This lowered spring will lower the bike at the rear 1.5".
      • How low is the bike to the ground?
        This will lower the bike from 6.5" to 5" of ground clearance.
      • Will the lowered rear shock and Fork extenders hurt the ride of my Honda Motorcycle?
        The combination of both our lowered spring and fork extenders will change the look more than the performance of your Honda Fury or 1300 Custom. All of the feedback from the forum boards has been very positive.
      • Can I install this lowered rear spring my self?
        Yes, the install is very easy, but you will need a bike jack, shop press and some basic shop tools.

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