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    Low and Mean Lower Chin Scoop for Honda Fury 1300
      Low and Mean Lower Chin Scoop for Honda Fury 1300
      Purchase Low and Mean Lower Chin Scoop for Honda Fury 1300

      SKU: LM02F101-ATT
      MPN: LM-02F-101
      Low and Mean Lower Chin Scoop for Honda Fury 1300


      Shipping: $49.99

      Custom made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks to ship

      This Low and Mean LM-02F-101 Lower Chin Scoop is made specifically for Honda Fury.

      • The Honda Fury Lower Chin Scoop was designed to make your Fury look lower and faster while standing still.
      • This simple bolt on item flows perfectly with the stock radiator cover, making it look like one complete part from the factory.
      • For chin fairing screen, select from drop down list above or see related items below.

      Note: This product does not bolt on to the aftermarket grills. Picture above shows the Chin Scoop with the optional Honey Comb Screen.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Do I have to paint this chin scoop to match my Fury?
        No, the Chin Scoop will come to match the stock black radiator, or you can choose to have it factory color matched.
      • Does the Honey Comb Screens come with the chin scoop?
        No, the Screens are an additional option. Not everyone will want to do the screens, some will install other inserts in place. Like a clear cover with LED's (this is just an example and not offer from our website).
      • If I order the Honey Comb Screens will it come installed?
        No, we do not install the screens as some people will want to paint the Chin Scoop themselves and for us to install the screen would raise the cost of the product.
      • Can I install this Chin Scoop myself?
        This product is easy to install, but the tricky part is removing the Radiator cover. If your not installing the Honey Comb Screens, then you can install this Chin Scoop without removing the Radiator cover.
      • If I break the Radiator cover what should I do?
        We suggest replacing the radiator cover (Honda part# 19032-MFR-670 $36.61USD).
      • Do I need a professional mechanic to install this product?
        This is always suggested, but this depends on your own garage skills, please know your limits and watch our install video above. Give us a call if you have any questions 928-255-0230.

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