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    Low and Mean Low Seat Pan, Round for Yamaha Star Raider XV1900 (2008-current)
      Low and Mean Low Seat Pan, Round for Yamaha Star Raider XV1900 (2008-current)
      Purchase Low and Mean Low Seat Pan, Round for Yamaha Star Raider XV1900 (2008-current)

      SKU: LM04401R
      MPN: LM-04-401R
      Low and Mean Low Seat Pan, Round for Yamaha Star Raider XV1900 (2008-current)


      Shipping: $49.99

      Custom made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks to ship

      This Low and Mean LM-04-401R Low Seat Pan, Round is made specifically for Yamaha Star Raider XV1900 (2008-current).

      • Low and Mean's Yamaha Raider Round Low Seat Pan offers offers function and style at an excellent price.
      • The round shape is the rear of the Low Seat Pan.
      • This product does not come with any foam.
      • This is a do it yourself, as we offer a state-of the art seat pan so you can design it to your style.
      • We designed the Low Seat Pan to hug low and tight around your Yamaha Road Star Raider.
      • This will give you a seat pan that is 1.5"" lower than the stock Yamaha Raider seat pan and narrower so the bike lines will flow better from the tank to the rear fender.
      • The stock seat tends to break up the great lines of the bike, but now with our Low Seat Pan, the sexy line for the Yamaha Road Star Raider will come alive.
      • The Low seat Pan still uses the stock latch system (you'll need to remove the bracket from your stock seat) and we have a industrial strength duel lock Velcro at the rear; this is a great way to get that custom leather saddle you've always wanted.

      Note: How to get foam on your New Seat Pan: Every town in this country has a Upholstery shop, doesn't matter if they do cars, boats, or furniture. Talk with them, show them your bike and the Low Seat Pan, have them add, cut and shape the foam to fit your style of riding.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Do I need to put foam on this seat pan?
        Yes, the pan does not come with foam.
      • Can I just put a little foam and a seat cover?
        You can add as much foam as you want or none at all.
      • Is this strong enough to hold up a big guy?
        This seat pan will hold the same weight as the stock seat pan and then some. We only use the best materials.
      • Do you offer a passenger seat?
        No sorry we do not have a passenger seat available.
      • Do I use the stock seat latch?
        Yes, you will need to remove the bracket on your stock seat to bolt onto the Low Seat Pan.
      • What about the rear seat bracket?
        This you need to remove from the rear fender and we offer a strong duel lock Velcro with our seat.
      • Do I have to move my Fuel controller that is under my seat?
        Yes, you will need to relocate this fuel controller to the left side cover.

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